The Jackrail

A mailing list for harpsichords and early keyboards

Welcome to The Jackrail. Created in May 2019, this is an internet mailing list for those interested in early stringed keyboard instruments, their building, playing and repertoire.

List guidelines and policy

The main focus is expected to be on plucked instruments, harpsichord, spinet, virginal, muselaar, etc; but clavichord and other early keyboard instruments are by no means excluded. Discussion of historical organs, early pianos and their repertoire is not precluded; but there are other forums for 19th century and later organs and modern pianos and discussion about them here is not appropriate. Announcements about instruments for sale or concert promotions by individuals are acceptable within reason.

Subject lines

Please do not deviate from the subject described in the header. By all means change the subject title and create a new thread to reflect any change in content.


Please strip out unnecessary quotation of earlier postings. This is particularly important if you or your readers subscribe to the digest form of the list or read the list on a mobile phone. Failure to do this will not make you popular with other users!


Members of the list are expected to treat each other with respect, particularly those holding different opinions. Ad hominem attacks or other obnoxious behaviour will not be tolerated.

Privacy matters

By joining this list you allow us to keep a record of your name and email address – or else we would be unable to contact you! [see privacy policy here...]


You are invited to join this mailing list. Subscribe, unsubscribe, and manage list preferences here

List interfaces and archives

The list sotware platform is GNU Mailman 3. It supports a traditional email based interface, as well as a web interface. Posts to either are automatically synchronised. The web interface allows browsing of the full list archives in a powerful and convenient way. Selected archives may be downloaded in mbox format. The last 25 years of the HPSCHD-L archives have been loaded and made available as a public service.

Please note that The Jackrail is not a continuation of HPSCHD-L, but a completely new list run by separate management and technical resources on an up to date platform with current software.


[set of pages on help: web ui, search engine syntax, attachments, etc.]


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